Central Family YMCA

775 West End Boulevard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina  27101

Weather Update

At this time, there are no weather related delays or cancellations to report for the Central Family YMCA.

Please check back regularly at this website or call our weather hotline at 721-1097, ext. 5000 to obtain updated information.


January A.M. Aerobics Classes

February A.M. Aerobics Classes

January P.M. Aerobics Classes

February P.M. Aerobics Classes

January Group Cycle Schedule

February Group Cycle Schedule

January Yoga & Pilates Schedule

February Yoga & Pilates Schedule

February Lecture On How To Grow Taller For Kids

Attention Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructors!

The Central Family YMCA has a great opportunity for Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructors to teach introductory through advanced classes to Members in our Yoga/Pilates studio and Group Exercise Studio.  Daytime, night and weekend classes are offered.

Have you signed up for FitLinxx???

Imagine getting immediate feedback on every exercise you do, having access to that information online and receiving recommendations from fitness instructors to better your performance and benefit more from each workout!  It’s all possible and FREE TO MEMBERS with FitLinxx, the country’s leading fitness innovator!

At the Central Family YMCA, FitLinxx gives you:

Personalized support from your fitness instructor to help you achieve and exceed your goals

A customized exercise program geared to your goals, needs and time constraints

An automatic recording of each strength exercise you do and entry capability for cardiovascular workouts.  From racquetball to group exercise class, you can create a workout history of all the weight you’ve lifted, calories you’ve burned and cardiovascular exercise you’ve completed

If Cybex and Nautilus machines are not your preference, FitLinxx is still for you!  Sign up for a “fast track” training to log all of your cardio exercise.  15 minutes and you are ready to go!

Immediate feedback on each strength exercise you do, so you can be sure you’re doing it correctly

Click here to visit the FitLinxx website at www.fitlinxx.com to log your home workouts, review your workout history, compare your results to others worldwide or read articles on health, fitness, wellness and nutrition!

Please call or stop by our Adult Welcome Center at 721-2100, ext. 2103 to schedule your appointment and discover a whole new way to exercise and stay motivated!



Would you like to learn to play Racquetball?  The Central Family YMCA has racquetball lessons with instructor, Ted Freshwater.  Ted offers a one-hour clinic on one Wednesday or one Saturday each month for new or returning players who want to learn or brush up on skills.  This clinic is free to members who have not registered for a clinic in the past and $20.00 for 1 hour or $35.00 for 2 consecutive hours for those who have already participated.  The YMCA will provide equipment.  You just need to register to attend!

Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

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